Does KnowledgeBuzzZ accept charity or funding?

In FlashBuzzZ Menu, There are serval Subpages where you can find 100% free Certification Courses from Udemy, Coursera and Reputed Abroad Universities.

Where can I find Free Certification Courses?

Yes. You can get 100% Free Certification Courses based on your preference. For that, Please use Knowledge on Demand feature available on Home Page. Select Student option to demand your course.

Can I get free certification Courses on my preference?

Does KnowledgeBuzzZ promote Paid Educational Events ?

KnowledgeBuzzZ don't charge any amount from teachers or Students. KnowledgeBuzzZ is made for promoting free education only. KnowledgeBuzzZ don't ask any commission / money / funding / charity to promote educational events.

Does KnowledgeBuzzZ charge any amount for promoting Educational Events?

KnowledgeBuzzZ only promotes free educational events. If You are a tutor and willing to share free education. Then definitely you can share your free educational events like Webinars, Courses, Recordings, Podcasts , Conferences with us by using Knowledge on Demand Feature available on Home Page. Even You can share detail through Contact Us.

Can I upload Webinars on KnowledgeBuzzZ?

No. KnowledgeBuzzZ doesn't accept any charity or funding.

No. We don't promote any paid educational events.

Yes. Please visit Career Page and find opportunities.

Can I get Internship in KnowledgeBuzzZ?

No. KnowledgeBuzzZ doesn't provide stipend in Internship Program. 

Does KnowledgeBuzzZ provide stipend in Internship Program ?