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Does KnowledgeBuzzZ accept charity or funding?

In FlashBuzzZ Menu, There are serval Subpages where you can find 100% free Certification Courses from Udemy, Coursera, and Reputed Abroad Universities.

Where can I find Free Certification Courses?

Yes. You can get 100% Free Certification Courses based on your preference. For that, Please use Knowledge on Demand feature available on Home Page. Select Student option to demand your course.

Can I get free certification Courses on my preference?

Does KnowledgeBuzzZ promote Paid Educational Events ?

KnowledgeBuzzZ don't charge any amount from teachers or Students. KnowledgeBuzzZ is made for promoting free education only. KnowledgeBuzzZ don't ask any commission / money / funding / charity to promote educational events.

Does KnowledgeBuzzZ charge any amount for promoting Educational Events?

KnowledgeBuzzZ only promotes free educational events. If You are a tutor and willing to share free education, Then definitely you can share your free educational events like Webinars, Courses, Recordings, Podcasts, Conferences with us by using Knowledge on Demand Feature available on Home Page. Even You can share detail through Contact Us.

Can I upload Webinars on KnowledgeBuzzZ?

No. KnowledgeBuzzZ doesn't accept any charity or funding.

No. We don't promote any paid educational events.

Yes. Please visit Career Page and find opportunities.

Can I get Internship in KnowledgeBuzzZ?

No. KnowledgeBuzzZ doesn't provide stipend in Internship Program. 

Does KnowledgeBuzzZ provide stipend in Internship Program ?

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